Swimming Program Guide

Swimming Program Guide

Please follow the guidelines below to determine the appropriate swim level of your child. The instructors will conduct a swim test the first day of each session to ensure the participants are in the proper level. Our instructors will be following the Red Cross guidelines for swim lesson instructors. General pool safety awareness specific to Sterling National Country Club and pool games will also be incorporated into our lessons. Upon successful completion of the level, the participant will receive a Red Cross certification card.

Private swim lessons are also available for all ages and ability levels. If you have specific water issues, such as, fear of water / swimming or fear of under water swimming, Michelle would be more than happy to assist you as she has tremendous training and success in addressing water issues for children and adults.

Please register early to reserve your space! If you should ever have any questions or concerns regarding the Swim Program, or what level to sign your child up for after reading through the description of levels, please contact us 978-422-0275.

Thank you for your participation!

LEVEL 1 - Beginner

Introduction to water skills, no previous lessons or swimming skills

Skills taught in class: enter water, go under water, open eyes under water, front / back float with support, tread water arm action with support, bob 5 times, front / back movement for 3 seconds.

LEVEL 2 – Beginner to Advanced Beginner

Fundamental Water Skills

Skills taught in class: enter / exit pool (jump in / climb out), submerge head for 5 seconds, blow bubbles (rhythmic breathing), open eyes under water to find object, front and back float 5 seconds without support, front / back arm action, exit from chest deep water, front float for 5 seconds, roll over to back for 5 seconds, push off bottom / move 15 feet.

LEVEL 3 – Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Stroke Development

Skills taught in class: Jump in deep water (5 to 6 feet), retrieve underwater object from chest deep water, bob in deep water, rotary breathing, front / back glide (10 feet), float for 30 seconds, tread water for 30 seconds, front / back crawl for 15 yards, butterfly kick motion, safety skills.