Pool Rules Regulations

Pool Info & Hours

The swimming season at Sterling National Country Club typically begins on Memorial Day and extends through Labor Day. The Pool is staffed by a pool supervisor or lifeguards thoroughly versed in all phases of aquatics. These rules & regulations may be updated or modified as needed.

  1. Pool area

The “pool area” is all the area inside the fence consisting of the main pool, wading pool, children’s play area, locker rooms, deck, and snack bar.

  1. Hours of Operation

Please see hours of operation tab.

Hours may be extended at the discretion of The Club’s general manager.

  1. Registration

When first entering the pool area members are required to sign the pool registry identifying the number of people in the member’s party, including guests. When a member brings guests the member must sign a charge slip at time of registration.

  1. Children
  1. (a) Only children who are toilet trained shall be permitted in the main pool. Children in diapers are permitted in the wading pool only and must wear protective rubberized diaper pants.
  2. (b) Diaper changing must be done in either the men’s or women’s pool locker rooms. All diapers must be disposed of in a sealed plastic bag. Diaper changing elsewhere in the pool area is absolutely prohibited.
  3. (c) Children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied to and from the pool area, and monitored in the pool area by an adult member only. The adult member is required to remain a safe distance to the child at all times. An adult member is a member 21 years of age or older. Member’s children over the age of 13 years do not require accompaniment to and from the pool area or in the pool area, but the adult member sponsoring them must be on the Club premises. The adult member must inform the pool supervisor or club office of his/her whereabouts so that he/she may be contacted in the event of an emergency.
  4. (d) Use of the wading pool is limited to children under the age of 8. All children in the wading pool must be supervised by a parent or responsible person who will attend them inside the wading pool structure. Reasonably sized floatation devices and plastic toys are permitted. Adults are permitted in the wading pool only when supervising a child in the water.
  5. (f) The club does not provide day care or child supervision service.
  1. Guests
  1. (a) Daily guest fees are $10.00 per person for the day.
  2. (b) Guests, regardless of age, must be accompanied by their host at all times.
  3. (c) Pool guests are subject to the invitation limitations contained in the GUEST RULES.
  1. Lounge chairs; Towels; Pool equipment
  1. (a) Pool lounge chairs are available on a “first come-first serve” basis and may not be reserved.
  2. (b) Small floatation devices and swim tubes are permitted in the wading pool and the shallow end of the main pool only at the discretion of the pool supervisor.
  3. (c) Towels are not povided by the club. Members and guests are required to bring there own towels. The club is not responsible for towels that are left at the pool.
  1. Lockers

Lockers are for day use only. Locks may be used during the day, but must be removed at the end of the day. Any locks left on a locker overnight will be cut off and the belongings in the locker stored in lost & found for 1 week.

  1. Supervision; Lifeguard
  1. (a) Provision is made for lifeguard service at the pool. The pool may be used only when a lifeguard is on active duty. A decision of a lifeguard or pool supervisor is final in all matters pertaining to the safety of individuals using the pool.
  1. Safety, Health & Enjoyment
  1. (a) The Club assumes no responsibility for the safety of anyone using the pool. Members and guests must at all times conduct themselves at the pool in a manner that will promote the safety and enjoyment of the facility.
  2. (b) Running and horseplay is absolutely prohibited in the pool area.
  3. (c) Individuals are requested to shower before entering the pool area.
  4. (d) No dogs or other animals may be brought into the pool area at any time.
  5. (e) The pool supervisor or lifeguards are authorized to clear the water in case of dangerous weather conditions or at their discretion. The water will be kept clear for 15 minutes or more after thunder is heard or lightning is seen.
  1. Attire
  1. (a) Bathing attire is permitted only in the swimming pool area. Casual wear is required to be worn over bathing suits for egress to and from the parking lot. All changing to and from bathing suits must be done in the pool locker facility only.
  2. (b) Appropriate summer apparel must be worn in the pools (no cutoffs, gym shorts, thongs, etc.)
  1. Snack Bar
  1. (a) All food and beverages must be obtained and eaten in the designated eating area. Food is not allowed in other parts of the pool area. Members are requested to place litter in receptacles provided for that purpose. Drinks are allowed but only if in plastic or paper cup containers. Glass containers are prohibited.
  2. (b) Children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult to and from the snack bar.